About Us

When creating “Autumn Scents”, we drew inspiration to create our Candles & Bars from our Daughter Autumn and Son Achilles.

When Autumn was born, she weighed the equivalence of four bars of our soaps. Auty was born a micro preemie. We had never even heard of the term before giving birth to our beautiful baby girl. She fought 6 months in NICU almost losing her left arm and her vision. Her battles to follow were many and tough. She fought hard to be here and our candles symbolize the beacon of light Autumn is.

Our son Achilles is a hard worker and helps with everything without having to be asked—his generosity will move you to tears. He insists on helping us prepare our products but his favorite chore is washing clothes. Can you believe he’s only in elementary school!! He loves to keep things tidy and clean so naturally, we were inspired to create our artisanal cleansing bars.

Autumn Scents aromas and exfoliates are meant to elevate your overall wellbeing of mind and body.